About Our Association

In order that fraternal organization be perpetuated, and that a government be provided for such; that the welfare and happiness of it’s members be promoted and enhanced; that the nobleness of soul and goodness of heart be cultivated; that the principles of Charity, Justice, Brotherly and Sisterly Love and Fidelity be inculcated; that it’s members and their families be assisted and protected  and that the spirit of patriotism be enlivened and exalted.


  • The Elks in The Bahamas was formed in 1910 with the establishment of Eureka Lodge No.114 and Excelsior Temple No. 37. The Brother State Association was formed in 1953 having ceded from the Florida Association. The Daughter Association was formed in 1954.
  • The first Brother State President was Brother Dr. Jackson Burnside Sr (Charter Member, Curfew Lodge No. 1162) and the first Daughter State President was Mildred Moxey.
  • Through the effort of its members and various departments, the Elks sponsor extensive educational scholarship programs, computer literacy summer camps, children with special needs, parades and unequalled community service activities throughout the world.
  • The Elks organization has and continues to play an integral part in the social, educational, economic and political development of the Bahamas.  Through the Civil Liberties Department the Elks provides a forum to address these concerns. In the 50’s and 60’s, the daughters of Elks were principle leaders in the suffrage movement here in The Bahamas that lead the country towards majority rule,
  • The current State President is Bro. Raynard Edgecombe.
  • The current Daughter State President is Dgt. Cecilia Cooper